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Free Drinks With Magic Card Tricks

unduhan (42)January and February are often tough months financially, so if we said we had a way in which you could score yourself a couple of free drinks with your friends at the pub then you’d surely want to know more wouldn’t you? Well here it is; the easiest card trick that will help you win a few free drinks and maybe even attract the attention of a good looking girl or guy in the pub.

Firstly, you need to be prepared.

It’s not hard to get prepared for this card trick but you will need to make sure the cards are prepared so you don’t give anything away. You need to set up the first ten cards of the deck so they are laid out from 10 to ace, lining up 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Ace. The suit or colour of the cards doesn’t matter and it will look more real if the cards colours and suits are mixed from 10 to Ace.

You then need to put these cards face down on top of the pile of cards. In a game of cards this would be known as stacking the deck and would be classed as cheating, but in a card trick this is known as magic and is essential to your magic trick.

Now you need to place the bet with your friends, if it turns out to be your turn to get the next round in then now is the perfect time to create them an offer they can’t refuse. Why not suggest that you’ll buy them all a bottle of wine each if you can guess how many cards they move, but if you can guess then they have to buy you drinks all night.

By this time your friends will be feeling clever, they’ll think you’re having them on and there is no way you can trick them so they will be more than happy to take on this bet on the magic card trick. If you’re lucky they may even up the bet saying they’ll buy you drinks all night and some chips on the way home.

Then you need to lay down your cards, the top 11 cards. Placing the Ace on the left all the way across to the right hand side where the 10 is. Make sure you don’t shuffle the card and lay the cards face down, one by one – starting on your right and adding them facedown towards he left. You have to make sure nobody else knows what you’re doing though so make it look smooth, sleek and sharp.

Then pick one of your friends and tell them they need to move one or more of the cards, one by one, they have to start at the left end of the row and work their way down to the right end of the row without scrambling the cards or flipping them over to have a look.

Once they have understood turn around and let them swap the cards, when they have finished turn back round to face them. Turn over the first card on the right end of the row and don’t let anyone else see it. The number on that card is the amount of times the cards were swapped – reading out that number will score you the free drinks that the card trick will have won you!

This is just one of the many quick tricks you can try out on your mates to score you free drinks and so much more – some people even use it to chat up the opposite sex so give it a try.

Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

unduhan (41)Magic. I’ve always loved it. Going to the shows and watching people on TV like Criss Angel and David Copperfield who are some of the best illusionists around has always been a favorite past time of mine.

Many of these people are also known as mentalists… and many of these people also made me want to learn mentalist mind tricks.

What is the Difference between Magic and Mentalism?

So what is the difference between regular magic and mentalism? Magicians are those people that let you know they are going to fool you. They don’t claim to actually have a superpower or anything of the sort. – Their performance, for the most part, ends after the show. Simple enough.

However, many mentalists portray themselves as actually having a six sense so to speak. They can read minds, channel spirits, etc. For example, Uri Geller.

Geller, most known for his spoon bending routine, was able to fool the public, journalists and even scientists with his tricks.

This is the type of guy that you should want to learn mentalist mind tricks from. He’s obviously a professional.

Magicians and Mentalist Combos

Some performers like Criss Angel combine both magic and mentalism. These guys are brilliant at what they do to put it mildly. They can fool scores of people in seconds. – And it all looks totally real.

One of my favorite tricks by the performer David Blaine is his levitation routine. It looks totally legit, but again, it’s just a mentalist mind trick. – It’s an illusion, and a very good one at that

Again, a good way to learn mentalism is to watch the masters.

Tips to Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

There are many aspects of being a successful practitioner of mentalism, which is an art form. Mentalist routines are performances.

One of the most important pieces of being a great mentalist is paying attention to your subject’s body language. You want to notice everything down to the finest detail. This is very important for psychic and mind reading routines. Also pay attention to your own body language so that you don’t give anything away to your audience.

Another thing you will want to do is to control and guide your audience’s attention. If you want to learn mentalist mind tricks from some of the best, people who are masters at controlling the audience’s focus and attention, study mentalists like David Copperfield, Criss Angel and David Blaine.

Another tip is the easiest of all. – Every day try and practice reading people’s body language since it is such a very important aspect of being a successful mentalist.

Watch people wherever you go, of course don’t be too creepy. – Study people at the coffee shop, the library, work, the mall, restaurants. – Try to determine what is going on in their heads. Pay attention to everything about them and see what you can come up with. This will be key as you try to learn mentalist mind tricks and routines.

Tips On How To Become a Commercial or Fashion Model – For Beginners

unduhan (38)“My modeling dream is gone. I am short, have a petite figure and not attractive enough. No modeling agency will sign me.” Or is it?

There are numerous models out there that are considered too short by agency standards but still managed to have a career doing freelance modeling, part-time or pursuing other categories of modeling, like commercial and advertising modeling. If you are willing to put in the effort and make some alterations to yourself, you never know what will happen.

Want to appear on the big screen, but you are constantly demoralized by the ever extravagant Victoria’s Secret models or the charismatic Abercrombie and Fitch hunks? Do not fret because here are some tips on how to become a commercial or fashion model.

  • Get out of your couch

The deafening shrieks and cheers when professional models amble down the runway creates a magnificent atmosphere and you want to be part of that modeling team, instead of watching behind the television screen. Those defined and rock solid abs, those slim legs and figures and those confident movements are just so eye-catching, and there you are, hugging your pillow, sitting on the couch and both feet on a stool.

If you want to join the world of modeling, get your body fit, get your figure ready, and get your attitude right. You cannot change the fact that you are born short; you cannot change the features of your face unless you go under the knife, which charge exorbitant fees, but you can change your body figure, your attitude and physical expression. Get motivated, hit the gym, tone up and slim down, watch clips on how to have a better figure, practice your physical expression and a good body posture.

  • Find out how to look better in photos

You are almost always amazed and astounded by how professional models look in a photo-shoot, be it their gaze, their style or their pose, and there you are, trying your luck in front of the mirror as you twist and turn, and then finishing everything off with an awkward chuckle. Come on, Rome was not built in one day. You have to practice, practice and practice. There is a Chinese proverb that translates to “Three minutes on stage takes ten years of hard work.” Of course there is a slight exaggeration here, but you know what it means.

Do not hesitate to take a few snapshots of yourself and see how your expressions are portrayed in the photos. Practice different expressions, project different emotions by changing the gaze of your eyes and find out which angle suits you best. Only you can change yourself. Also, practice different poses that can bring out the best in you, experiment with different sets and combinations of your clothes, create your own style, be unique and do not forget to ask around for opinion because those feedbacks are critical as to how you are perceived by others based on your style.

  • Follow the footsteps of those who succeed despite being short

Who says that you cannot be a model if you are short? Forget about Kendall Jenner, forget about Brad Kroenig, look at Devon Aoki, and look at Kate Moss. There are actually people that despite having a small frame, yet make it successful in this market. So let these people be your motivation, never give up on yourself, work hard, set a right mind, and really, you never know what will happen.

  • Expose yourself to potential agencies

Once you are prepared by following tips number one to three, it is time to present yourself. Get the pictures ready, get the emails ready, and off you go. Send the pictures of yourself to the agencies; do not feel dejected if you got rejected, send to many different agencies and wait patiently. Meanwhile, head out to the town areas, places full of youths and people because that is where top agencies will scout for suitors to be part of their projects. One day, it could be you.

At the end of the day, it is not about how you think others will perceive you, it is about how you portray and perceive yourself, if you do not work hard and constantly improve yourself, you will definitely be stuck in a vicious cycle, whereby all the negative energy surrounds. Of course, the tips above are definitely not THE way to become a model, but at least positioning you at the right path so that the gap between you and becoming a model can be bridged.


Tips to Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

unduhan (39)Mentalism is really pretty impressive when you look at some of the pros’ performances on TV. Some of what they do seems so unreal.

The difference between a lot of magicians and mentalists is that magicians let their subjects know that they are indeed performers. In other words, they don’t have any superpowers or a sixth sense so to speak. However, a lot of mentalists choose to make their subjects believe they do have some sort of special powers. Which we all know just isn’t possible. An example of this would be Uri Geller from years ago.

Many mentalists might claim they are psychic, telepathic, can hypnotize, levitate and can even read minds among other things… Like magically bend spoons, but it’s all just a performance actually.

So what are some of the important aspects of being able to learn mentalist mind tricks? What do the pros use to pull off their tricks? I’ll discuss a few things below that every mentalist should know.

Reading Body Language

Reading body language is a huge part of mentalism. This is especially true for tricks like reading minds, which is one of the most popular of all mentalist mind tricks. When learning mentalist mind tricks you must master reading body language. A practitioner must learn to pay attention to and decipher the minutest details in body language.

There are other professions that focus on reading body language. Psychologists are trained to read body language as well as many people who work in law enforcement like the police and the FBI.


How you go about your presentation in mentalism is also very important. Without proper presentation, some of your attempts at pulling off a mentalist trick could be ruined and end with embarrassment. Mentalists who are great at presentation are David Blaine and Criss Angel among many others. These guys have literally mastered presentation and because of it can fool scores of people all at once. So needless to say, as you learn mentalist mind tricks, make sure you master presentation.

Controlling Focus

When learning to perform mentalist mind tricks, it’s very important that a mentalist control their subject’s focus. Because if a mentalist loses control of this one important aspect of mentalism, their trick may be discovered.

Practice Daily

Finally, in order to learn mentalist mind tricks so that you can pull them off naturally, you must practice daily. Learning to read body language can be fun and you can develop this skill simply by watching people anywhere you are. – While at the mall, a restaurant, the gym, just make sure you don’t come off as creepy.


The Elements Of Character

unduhan (40)For an actor creating a character from scratch is a major undertaking. If you wish to achieve more than playing some variation of yourself there are many elements that go into creating a role.

After developing a solid technique you will have to learn how to break down a script. The writer provides the actor with a road map and it is the job of the actor to navigate the twists and turns of the writers vision. Actors approach their roles differently. Brando was an actor who relied heavily on his instincts and intuition to gain an understanding and feel for the character’s point of view. He was a keen observer of human nature who spent hours watching people in a variety of situations. In the latest Brando bio by Susan Mizruchi (“Brando’s Smile”) Ms. Mizruchi writes that Brando was an avid reader/researcher that would read voraciously to gain information on all aspects of the character’s nature. Annotating every script he worked on was part of an insatiable curiosity that was an integral part of his process. To gain an understanding of character he had to know why his characters were motivated to do the things they did.

Intuition is another tool that is an integral part of the process. Getting a “feeling” for what is happening “moment-to-moment” and “impulse-to-impulse” is a non-intellectual way of dealing with the written word. The actor cannot impose himself/herself on the script. In other words you don’t do the script, the script does you.

“Imagination”, said teacher/director Robert Lewis, “is the most powerful tool the actor has at their disposal.” For any artist imagination is not a luxury. It is a necessity; the fuel that ignites creativity. The actor’s choices are directly influenced by the imagination. Vivid visual images have a major impact on the actor’s choices.

Time and place cannot be ignored. Stella Adler said, “Where you are is who you are.” This not only refers to the immediate place but the economic, political, social climate of the time. Dress codes, morality, protocols, etiquette, must be addressed.

It is your job to inhabit the world of the character that you play. Their voice, walk, speech patterns, mannerisms are all part of creating the role. You must express yourself emotionally and physically as the character does. You cannot ignore the essential elements of character. It is your job to bring the character to life.

Develop your technique, respect the process, and bring all of who you are to each and every role that you play. Do not compromise any aspect of preparation. And learn how to play. It is the child in each and every one of us that gives birth to creativity.