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How to Look Like a Top Model

unduhan (35)Modeling is perceived as if it is a representation or a “certification” of superiority in appearance because not everyone can become a model. Being a model impresses people and because of this, there are actually many people who will light up at the thought of being a model. As such, this article will be to help those who aspire to be a model, but do not know how to get started.

1) Know the kind of model you want to become

There are various forms of models, from runway models to commercial models, event models, blogshop models, photo models et cetera. People tend to generalize the term “models”, meaning they associate models solely as runway models, which is obviously not the case. You need to know what kind of model you want to become before you set your sights to becoming one. For example, if you are tall, have sharp facial features and a slim body, you might want to try to be a runway model. If you are good at socializing and grooming yourself, you can try out event modeling. There are many different options, but be sure to find out which one suits you best.

2) Finding a modeling agency

In order to kick start your career in modeling, there are various different ways. Like promoting yourself on social media, blog posts and even joining competitions. However, the best and the most direct way of becoming a model is to join a modeling agency. Modeling agencies have many different clients, and therefore they are able to provide you the best clients and assignments that suit your needs. However, most modeling agencies will require you to pay a premium, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The money paid will be used to create a portfolio, which includes having professional photographers take photos of you and creating a composite card. The modeling agencies will then send your composite card to clients who will then review and see if you are suitable to be their model for their project. The main thing to note is, while all agencies will have their own client base, not all agencies have many clients. Meaning to say, you have to do your research and find out the agencies which have many different clients. That way, it increases your chance of securing projects, otherwise, you could be left in the cold after paying the fee.

3) Understand the trend of modeling

The modeling industry is not very huge, though it is getting better. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it big by simply modeling. Meaning to say, you should not rely solely on modeling to earn a living. Yes, it could be a path to joining showbiz like Mediacorp, but it is not very common. In the world, Caucasians are preferred to Asians for modeling. They are generally taller or have better features and proportions, while Asians cannot really hold a candle beside them. Of course I am not saying for everyone, hope you do not misunderstand.

All in all, if you dare to dream, dare to try out, you stand a chance. You never know what will happen if you do not try. Do your research, get your mind and body ready, like grooming yourself and maintaining a healthy diet, and you will realize that your dream is not far away.

Summer Camp Drama

images (18)Plays, skits and campfire shenanigans are a huge part of what makes sleepaway summer camp so special. Theatrical productions at camp not only provide some excellent entertainment, they also introduce kids to new interests, boost self-esteem and teach a lot of important lessons on how to work as a team.

Amazing Imagination

Whether creating some crazy stage makeup, writing funny dialogue or getting into character for their role, theater encourage kids to free their imaginations, coming up with new ideas and developing their creativity. As Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

New Skills

Whether your youngster has already starred in the class play or is just taking that first timid step out onto the boards, camp provides a lot of excellent opportunities to hone acting, singing and even choreography skills. Many camps have seasoned theatrical professionals teaching drama classes, offering chances to learn the many facets of putting together a production. Campers not only act in plays and skits, they also write, direct, design and build sets, operate stage lighting and take charge of props.

Team Work

Putting together a play is an excellent way to learn team work. Each person has a vital part in pulling off a successful production, from the star of the show to the stage manager and the chorus. Kids learn how to listen to others, cooperate, brainstorm and respect opinions that may differ from their own while rehearsing, performing and going over feedback. Everyone has a role to play in reaching a mutually beneficial goal… in this case maybe a standing ovation! Being a good team player is a skill your child will find useful from elementary school right up to the workplace.

Confidence Booster

Theater is a great venue for building self-esteem and confidence. Overcoming a fear of auditioning or speaking in public is a huge step for many kids and trying out for or being in a play is a great way to gain confidence in speaking to an audience. Of course, not everyone yearns to be in the spotlight, but there are so many other ways to excel in theater; kids can find they have a knack for writing cool dialog, designing costumes or finding just the right hilarious prop for that goofy cowboy in the skit.

Getting the Message Across

Plays at camp can be just plain funny or they can carry a message. Whether they’re about homesickness, bullying or friendship problems, plays and skits can be a great way for youngsters to work out common problems they may have at camp, at school or at home. Young actors, writers and audiences can gain a lot from sharing the message of something as simple as a camp performance. Also, by coming to understand their characters and roles, theater helps young people gain empathy and understanding.

New Experience

Camp is the perfect place to try a new venture like acting, as a good camp will be a non-threatening, supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to participate and try new things. A child who may balk at getting out there and trying out for a role in a school production may feel far more comfortable taking part in a comical camp skit.

What? I’m a Theatre Star?

unduhan (34)In my mind, I calmly told spirit, If you want me to do this, fine. And if not, then I’m okay with it. Then they called my name, and I jumped up and screamed. I couldn’t believe I made it!! I was going to be part of the 2016 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival.

That was the scene last November at the Tranzac Club in downtown Toronto. My husband and I had each submitted a proposal to stage a production at the Fringe, a two-week celebration of theatre, storytelling, dance, comedy and anything else that defies a quick description. Benjamin submitted his idea first – a staged reading of monologues based on interviews he’d done with people who worked in hospice. But, I hesitated… Ben’s a great writer with great stories to tell.

“Why don’t you submit a proposal?” he said one day over lunch. “You do spirit-inspired events all the time. It’s kind-of like theatre.”

“Actually, my public message events are nothing like theatre,” I said, unconvinced. “I work for spirit, connecting loved ones on the other side of life to audience members eager to hear from their departed-”

Wait a minute… Did I just say “audience”? Hmmmm…

“Then do something a little different,” he coaxed. “Don’t just give messages. Tell people your life story – how you became a medium. Talk about some of the interesting clients you’ve helped. And tell everyone how to spot phony psychics that want to scam them.”

“And give a few messages, too,” I added. “Wait – I’m not even a theatre company!”

“So call yourself Psychic Medium Productions.”

So I reluctantly applied for a spot, thinking I didn’t have a chance in you-know-where. The Fringe operates like a lottery – theatre groups submit their proposals, and on lottery day several dozen proposals are chosen. Last year, Benjamin had applied for a slot in last year’s Fringe festival, along with about 700 others who wanted to mount a production. Unfortunately, he wasn’t chosen.

Flash forward to November 2015. When we arrived at the Tranzac Club, everyone who had submitted a proposal for the next Fringe was given a number. Mine was 99. As I wrote my number on the chit that would go into the lottery basket, I held my chit for a few extra moments to give it good energy. Then I placed it into the basket, found a seat in the club and waited for fate to either smile on me or snicker behind my back.

As I looked around the room full of writers, performers and directors, I felt like a fish out of water. They were so out there, so extroverted. They oozed creative energy. And there I was, a quiet medium hiding in her left brain.

Until my number was called.

“Number 99” the announcer called.

That’s when I screamed. I couldn’t believe it! Out of 138 applications, 10 were picked to stage 90-minute productions, and my chit came up for the tenth spot.

I went into a special room where those who’d been chosen had their pictures taken. The Communications and Outreach Manager greeted me and asked what my play was about. When I explained my idea, her eyes went wide and said, “No one has ever done this before.” Oh God, I thought… What have I gotten myself into?!

Over the next six months, I have attended “how-to” workshops on staging my performance piece while I wrote my one-woman play, “What?! You’re A Medium?!”. Come see me! Festival passes go on sale June 2, and individual tickets ($12), June 9, 2016. Dates and times are on my website.

I don’t have to be a psychic to predict that you’ll like it!!!