Free Drinks With Magic Card Tricks

unduhan (42)January and February are often tough months financially, so if we said we had a way in which you could score yourself a couple of free drinks with your friends at the pub then you’d surely want to know more wouldn’t you? Well here it is; the easiest card trick that will help you win a few free drinks and maybe even attract the attention of a good looking girl or guy in the pub.

Firstly, you need to be prepared.

It’s not hard to get prepared for this card trick but you will need to make sure the cards are prepared so you don’t give anything away. You need to set up the first ten cards of the deck so they are laid out from 10 to ace, lining up 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Ace. The suit or colour of the cards doesn’t matter and it will look more real if the cards colours and suits are mixed from 10 to Ace.

You then need to put these cards face down on top of the pile of cards.

Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

unduhan (41)Magic. I’ve always loved it. Going to the shows and watching people on TV like Criss Angel and David Copperfield who are some of the best illusionists around has always been a favorite past time of mine.

Many of these people are also known as mentalists… and many of these people also made me want to learn mentalist mind tricks.

What is the Difference between Magic and Mentalism?

So what is the difference between regular magic and mentalism? Magicians are those people that let you know they are going to fool you. They don’t claim to actually have a superpower or anything of the sort. – Their performance, for the most part, ends after the show. Simple enough.

However, many mentalists portray themselves as actually having a six sense so to speak. They can read minds, channel spirits, etc. For example, Uri Geller.

Geller, most known for his spoon bending routine, was able to fool the public, journalists and even scientists with his tricks.

This is the type of guy that you should want to learn mentalist mind tricks from. He’s obviously a professional.

Magicians and Mentalist Combos

Some performers like

Tips On How To Become a Commercial or Fashion Model – For Beginners

unduhan (38)“My modeling dream is gone. I am short, have a petite figure and not attractive enough. No modeling agency will sign me.” Or is it?

There are numerous models out there that are considered too short by agency standards but still managed to have a career doing freelance modeling, part-time or pursuing other categories of modeling, like commercial and advertising modeling. If you are willing to put in the effort and make some alterations to yourself, you never know what will happen.

Want to appear on the big screen, but you are constantly demoralized by the ever extravagant Victoria’s Secret models or the charismatic Abercrombie and Fitch hunks? Do not fret because here are some tips on how to become a commercial or fashion model.

  • Get out of your couch

The deafening shrieks and cheers when professional models amble down the runway creates a magnificent atmosphere and you want to be part of that modeling team, instead of watching behind the television screen. Those defined and rock solid abs, those slim legs and figures and those confident movements are just so eye-catching, and there you are, hugging

Tips to Learn Mentalist Mind Tricks

unduhan (39)Mentalism is really pretty impressive when you look at some of the pros’ performances on TV. Some of what they do seems so unreal.

The difference between a lot of magicians and mentalists is that magicians let their subjects know that they are indeed performers. In other words, they don’t have any superpowers or a sixth sense so to speak. However, a lot of mentalists choose to make their subjects believe they do have some sort of special powers. Which we all know just isn’t possible. An example of this would be Uri Geller from years ago.

Many mentalists might claim they are psychic, telepathic, can hypnotize, levitate and can even read minds among other things… Like magically bend spoons, but it’s all just a performance actually.

So what are some of the important aspects of being able to learn mentalist mind tricks? What do the pros use to pull off their tricks? I’ll discuss a few things below that every mentalist should know.

Reading Body Language

Reading body language is a huge part of mentalism. This is especially true for tricks like reading minds, which is one

The Elements Of Character

unduhan (40)For an actor creating a character from scratch is a major undertaking. If you wish to achieve more than playing some variation of yourself there are many elements that go into creating a role.

After developing a solid technique you will have to learn how to break down a script. The writer provides the actor with a road map and it is the job of the actor to navigate the twists and turns of the writers vision. Actors approach their roles differently. Brando was an actor who relied heavily on his instincts and intuition to gain an understanding and feel for the character’s point of view. He was a keen observer of human nature who spent hours watching people in a variety of situations. In the latest Brando bio by Susan Mizruchi (“Brando’s Smile”) Ms. Mizruchi writes that Brando was an avid reader/researcher that would read voraciously to gain information on all aspects of the character’s nature. Annotating every script he worked on was part of an insatiable curiosity that was an integral part of his process. To gain an understanding of character he

Top Ten Reasons to Work at a Haunted House

images (21)10. Being a zombie at work is rewarded. So many jobs are imprisonment. So many people are zombies at work and zombies at home, slogging through a job they hate to collapse in front of the TV at night. Their zombie-inspired existence is depressing. Ours is hilarious. We giggle and shake with anticipation of embracing our zombie-ness.

9. There is not a desk in sight. And if there is, it’s covered with rust and body parts to create a horrific office scene that poor 9-5 drones will relate to. If we’re wearing a tie, it’s askew and doubles as a noose.

8. Sarcasm is a technical skill and generously embraced. Wit is rewarded. Skewed perspective is considered a leadership quality. Humor is the order of the day. And all of our creations are born from a severed funny bone.

7. Ideas are welcome. No longer do we have to stay silent and let the boss tell us what to do. We are a team. We are open to expression. We look for the employee that other industries have tossed out.

6. Our world is always changing. The

5 Essential Physical Warm-Ups

unduhan (37)As performers we want to be present and “in the moment.” That phrase is thrown around a lot, but what I mean by “in the moment” is taking in the information that is currently happening. One way we can encourage this is by opening up our bodies before we get on stage. All performers should do a physical warm-up of some kind before they hit the stage for a performance or speech. Stretching and opening our bodies helps us to shed the accumulated experiences of our day so that we can perform at our best.

Below are 5 warm-ups I always do before a performance. By no means is this list exhaustive, but it’s a good place to begin if you are just starting out as a public speaker or performer. It’s also an effective list if you need to warm-up but are short on time. Most of these exercises are from the Miller Voice Method work that I practice. In all of these exercises I encourage you to breathe in and out of your mouth, which is the most economical and easiest way

Three Pivotal Figures in 20th Century Performing Arts

unduhan (36)What makes the performing arts so special? While loosely, one might apply the term to any sort of presentation before an audience, critics have historically used the label to separate dance, music, and theater performance from the “static” visual arts. A painter, writer, or photographer can effectively transmit their work and their messages through time and even across significant cultural or linguistic barriers-preserving a moment, a vision, or an idea in a permanent medium. We get perhaps as close as we can to time traveling by looking at a Stieglitz photograph, some lines of Dante, or a cave-painting on an ancient wall, able to see (at least almost) the same thing that the creator did at the moment of inception or execution.

The performing arts, on the other hand, are time-limited. We can’t ever really know what a Shakespeare play was like for the audience, aside from a few well-preserved accounts, and are instead left confronting his plays more as a part of literary history than theater. Nor can we ever know what it might have been like to have witnessed the first performance

How to Look Like a Top Model

unduhan (35)Modeling is perceived as if it is a representation or a “certification” of superiority in appearance because not everyone can become a model. Being a model impresses people and because of this, there are actually many people who will light up at the thought of being a model. As such, this article will be to help those who aspire to be a model, but do not know how to get started.

1) Know the kind of model you want to become

There are various forms of models, from runway models to commercial models, event models, blogshop models, photo models et cetera. People tend to generalize the term “models”, meaning they associate models solely as runway models, which is obviously not the case. You need to know what kind of model you want to become before you set your sights to becoming one. For example, if you are tall, have sharp facial features and a slim body, you might want to try to be a runway model. If you are good at socializing and grooming yourself, you can try out event modeling. There are many different

Summer Camp Drama

images (18)Plays, skits and campfire shenanigans are a huge part of what makes sleepaway summer camp so special. Theatrical productions at camp not only provide some excellent entertainment, they also introduce kids to new interests, boost self-esteem and teach a lot of important lessons on how to work as a team.

Amazing Imagination

Whether creating some crazy stage makeup, writing funny dialogue or getting into character for their role, theater encourage kids to free their imaginations, coming up with new ideas and developing their creativity. As Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

New Skills

Whether your youngster has already starred in the class play or is just taking that first timid step out onto the boards, camp provides a lot of excellent opportunities to hone acting, singing and even choreography skills. Many camps have seasoned theatrical professionals teaching drama classes, offering chances to learn the many facets of putting together a production. Campers not only act in plays and skits, they also write, direct, design and build sets, operate stage lighting and take charge of props.

Team Work

Putting together a play is an excellent way to

What? I’m a Theatre Star?

unduhan (34)In my mind, I calmly told spirit, If you want me to do this, fine. And if not, then I’m okay with it. Then they called my name, and I jumped up and screamed. I couldn’t believe I made it!! I was going to be part of the 2016 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival.

That was the scene last November at the Tranzac Club in downtown Toronto. My husband and I had each submitted a proposal to stage a production at the Fringe, a two-week celebration of theatre, storytelling, dance, comedy and anything else that defies a quick description. Benjamin submitted his idea first – a staged reading of monologues based on interviews he’d done with people who worked in hospice. But, I hesitated… Ben’s a great writer with great stories to tell.

“Why don’t you submit a proposal?” he said one day over lunch. “You do spirit-inspired events all the time. It’s kind-of like theatre.”

“Actually, my public message events are nothing like theatre,” I said, unconvinced. “I work for spirit, connecting loved ones on the other side of life to audience members eager to hear

How Poor Diction Can Hurt a Performance

images (16)Recently I had the pleasure of seeing the Tony-nominated production of The Crucible. I am a huge fan of director Ivo Van Hove’s work and loved his powerful production of A View From the Bridge earlier this season. Needless to say I was really looking forward to this evening at the theater. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. A large part of my disappointment was due to the fact that several of the main players were difficult to hear and understand.

There is a simple and profound lesson in this. If an audience member can’t hear you, there is a good chance they cease to care about you. AND if the character is important enough to the plot, one may even stop caring about the entire story. Fortunately, I know The Crucible quite well, having studied it in both high school and college. Even so, I found myself straining to catch certain plot points because I simply couldn’t hear some of the actors. And unlike most Broadway shows, these actors were not mic’d.

Whether you’re a young actor embarking on your career or a seasoned professional, it’s

WHAT IF? Musings From a Haunted House

images (20)What if you decided to build a haunted house? What if you knew that you were uniquely talented to scare the bejesus out of your neighbors? What if all your friends had the same opinion of you? What if your talented friends wanted to get involved in the project?

What if your haunted house had a specific theme? What if that theme had rarely been exploited in the past? What if you not only had a theme, but you were hell bent on telling a compelling story? What if the story was so good that could turn your haunted house into a movie? What if you wrote the story before beginning to design the experience?

What if you viewed your haunted house as its own self-contained world of horror? What if you viewed the whole attraction as a hellish experience for your guests? What if your guests became totally immersed in your world? What if they felt as though they were stepping into a Stephen King novel?

What if you exploited the senses to their fullest in your haunted house? What if you decided to incorporate

“Never Forget!” Our One Hundred Forty-Eighth Year Celebration of Memorial Day

images (17)Sunday evening, May 29. I lounged on my living room couch enjoying the end of what had been a nappy afternoon, and now began thinking of what I might have for dinner and what the evening’s entertainment would be.

I had finished all the sections of my Sunday San Diego Union-Tribune, and settled back with my remote to browse the television channels for something worthwhile. I had watched parts of two major league baseball games–including my struggling San Diego Padres getting trounced by the Arizona Diamondbacks out in Arizona. Time for some less-intensive entertainment. I intended to check the usual channels including my local Public Broadcasting Station out of San Diego, which ordinarily always provided good programming on Sunday nights. You could count on that.

As I traversed the channels, each had nothing of interest to me pertaining to my desire for a peaceful night, not one of intense murder programs or other types of all-wrong televising for this particular evening.

I had not paid much attention to the time as I visited the litany of Cox Cable stations one-by-one. I had only traveled to three

Why Noisy Cities Like Bangkok Are Bad for Your Voice

unduhan (32)A couple of my voice pupils who come from Bangkok have all got something in common… the withheld tone. You would wonder where this came from, right? Well, as I trained these pupils and continually assessed their progress, I realized their voices were particularly difficult to re-balance. And so I sat down with one of my students to dig up some voice history on them, and my findings are what have inspired this article. If you live in a large and noisy city, beware of what it can do to your voice.

My student describes the sound of Bangkok as being a constant, never-ending hum, no-matter what time of day it was, and as she was growing up in this noisy, vibrant city she began to develop a safety mechanism to cushion the blow when she spoke above the noise. The result over time was a shrilly withheld tone that was completely disconnected from her true voice, in that her vocal posture was not the same as it should be when you’re speaking comfortably. To give you an idea as to how this kind

Why You Mustn’t Take Singing Lessons Simply to ‘Prove Yourself’ to Anybody

unduhan (33)Indeed, quite an off the beaten track topic this is, but I’ve been inspired to write this article because I know it can help a lot of people come to terms with how important it is to take up singing lessons not to prove themselves to anybody, but to do it for themselves. Some particular cases emanating from my studio have made me realize how a self-inflicted burden such as this can affect a pupil. So let me explain the thought processes that run through such an individual’s mind, and how that affects their performance and concentration in class.

The crux of the matter is, one taking up singing lessons to prove to someone else or a group of people that they have the potential to become good singers, instead of that being a source of motivation to achieve what they signed up for, it tends to lay a huge burden upon them that constantly distracts them from focusing. Through the lesson, I have observed, that I repeat myself on countless occasions. The pupil, I find to be eternally self-conscious and lacks the confidence

Recognition of Theatre Performances

images (15)Stage awards are given away for excellence in theatre and stage performances across various categories. The awards system differs from category to category – e.g. stage shows, musicals, dramas, operas and so on. Some have closed nominations monitored by a committee or board while some have open selection and nomination processes. The criteria for awards selection also varies across categories.

Let’s take a look at some of the 2016 Stage Award Winners. In December 2015 the shortlist was prepared and the final winners announced in January 2016. Categories such as Regional Theatre of the Year, London Theatre of the Year, and Fringe Theatre of the Year were some of them. Besides these, award categories like Producer of the Year, Theatre School of the Year, and Theatre Building of the Year appreciate the efforts of individuals, arts schools and theatre locations that contribute as a whole to the events.


A look at popular theatre awards in New York for instance bring up big names like:

• Tony Award
• Drama Desk Award
• Drama League Award
• Clarence Derwent prizes
• New York Drama Critics’ Circle prizes

Getting Scouted for Modelling

images (14)As fashion is an ever-growing industry, the best modeling agencies are always constantly looking for new talents, new faces and new personalities. Getting into the right agency will kick start an aspiring model’s career and be in the spotlight for numerous fashion shows and editorials, not to mention the chance to mix around with the best fashion designers and models at the tip of the iceberg. However, all these are easier said than done. While there are several means of how to become a model, getting scouted is one of them. At first, you may feel skeptical when you are approached by local scouters at MRT stations or near shopping malls, asking for your personal particulars like name, handphone number et cetera. Afterwards, they simply give you a name card and you walk away feeling puzzled with the card in your hand. What to do next? You can choose to do a few things after you received the name card as follows.

1) Throw it away

Yes, you can simply throw it away or put it aside and never touch it again. But in fact,

Five Essential Shakespeare Resources

images (13)When I coach clients on Shakespeare my students often ask me, “Where can I find information on what a particular word means in a monologue?” Or they’ll say to me, “I read the play but I didn’t really understand it. Is there somewhere I could find a synopsis?” Below are some indispensable resources that can help you understand a character or play as well as breakdown a monologue:

Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary. This resource comes in two volumes and contains a definition of all the words and phrases that Shakespeare wrote. It’s an invaluable resource for uncovering exactly what Shakespeare meant word for word. For instance, you’re working on Lady Anne from Richard III and you want to look up the word “avaunt” in the line:

“Avaunt, thou dreadful minister of hell!”

You will find the word “avaunt” in the Lexicon and a list of every single time Shakespeare wrote the word “avaunt” and exactly what he intended in each instance!

Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human. This is a masterful book by scholar Harold Bloom, in which he argues that Shakespeare essentially invented the idea

How to Audition As Carol, a Bridesmaid With Something to Say

unduhan (31)Finding a good monologue can be a task. Use this monologue as an audition piece, as a way to practice acting on a regular basis, and as an instrument to add to your arsenal of tools used by actors. Play the role of Carol. She is a character that isn’t afraid to explore marriage and relationships.

The setting is a wedding reception. Carol, a bridesmaid, awkwardly holds a glass of champagne.


I’m not much of a public speaker. But for Karen and Brian I’d do anything. So I searched for a marriage joke to share on this occasion. Here it goes… What’s the difference between a prostitute, a mistress and a wife? The prostitute says, “Give it to me, Tiger!” The mistress says, “Let’s do it again darling.” And the wife says, “Peach. We should paint the ceiling peach.” Not very funny, huh? Marriage jokes, when you stop to think about them, are really quite sad. I’ve been married for five years. I also have a two-year-old son. My parents are divorced. My husband’s parents are divorced. Most of my friends come from broken homes.